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Corporate Workshops

Now, more than ever, companies are keen to ensure that the health and mental wellbeing of their staff is being seen as a priority.


For that reason, team building and activity days are extremely popular.


Wee Crafty Crow’s corporate workshops provide the perfect opportunity for your staff to strengthen their working relationships through learning art forms they may never have tried before.


Zentangle can help people relax and reduce stress. In a corporate environment where stress levels can be high, these workshops can serve as a means to unwind, fostering a more relaxed atmosphere.


By its nature, Zentangle promotes mindfulness and results in improved focus and concentration. This can only be a positive thing, with the outcome being increased productivity and attention to detail.


Finally, engaging in a creative and enjoyable activity can boost morale and motivation amongst employees leading to a positive atmosphere within the workplace.


Contact me today to discuss how I can deliver a workshop to your staff.

Initial stage of The Zentangle method, featured on the What Is Zentangle page of Wee Crafty Crow. Tangles featured are Florz, Crescent Moon, Hollibaugh and Printemps

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